Welcome to KenPua.com. The purpose of this website is for me to keep a portfolio of my favorite photos that I happen to snag along my travels. In addition, I might throw in my occasional two cents on gadgets that I currently own or have owned that other tech/photography enthusiasts out there may find useful.

I also consider myself as an early adopter when it comes to gadgets. This is both good and bad. Good – because I get to play around with the latest and greatest as soon as they come out. Bad – because I usually pay a very steep premium for them only for it to depreciate by a lot shortly after. Back when I used to have the world’s first consumer smartphone with GPS (HP iPaq 6500), I remember paying $180 for a 2GB SD card (it’s as if I didn’t spend enough on the smartphone itself yet). I upgrade my gadget line up quite often, so I finally decided to make myself a little more useful with my toys by throwing in my feedback for other consumers out there.

Please feel free to send me a message via the contact form if you have any comments or suggestions.

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